5 Different Kinds Of Annoying People You Meet When Buying Suya..lol

Saw this funny post on Nairaland by a user saintopus and thought to share it with you guys. Enjoy!

I went to buy Suya this evening at a junction along my street. I saw
many guys and babes waiting for their turn to be served Suya by the
aboki. I noticed the following kinds of people:

  •  Give me test’ aboki

These persons take seriously in collecting a small piece of Suya
from the seller. They hardly know that it is part of their own suya they
are eating.

  • Put More Onions

These persons are onions addict, they like oniins. They will tell,
the aboki to make sure that more onions are added to their suya.

  • Aboki Put Jara

These class of people like to be given something more to what they
paid for. They do not mind if they buy only N50.00 worth of suya.?

  • People Who come to Smell the Suya

These are the “long throat ” class. They follow friends to just feel
the smell of the suya, in some cases, they are the ones that will shout
“aboki the suya too small “

  • The Big Boys

They come usually remain in their cars and order the aboki to put
suya worth N2000.00 in five places and that means many people have to
wait for a long time.

Please add your experiences

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