Beyonce caught giving Jay Z ‘oral’ in his office?

If this story is true, then Beyonce is my girl! Lol. Married couples
should do this every once in a while.. hehe. So a staff of Jay Z’s Roc
Nation wrote in to MediaTakeOut, claiming that Beyonce came into their
office to see Jay Z and may have given him oral sex in his office. Below
is what she said

I work at roc nation ny. Funny thing is, I
usually don’t see Jay Z, but I saw him twice on Tuesday. First when he
walked in and said hello to everyone and second on his way out.

He came in at bout 12 pm. Then beyonce came at 4pm to
check on him. She went into his office & then he called Sandra, his
secretary to say he will be unavailable for a while.

On [Beyonce’s] way out we saw her lipstick smudged. We were chatting
among ourselves about it lol. But still unsure why until jay stepped out
about 30 minutes later only for us to see his zipper down. Sandra told
him in a coded way and he was sooo embarrassed. Was such a funny and
cute moment.”

Beyonce is THAT CHICK . . . shows up to her man’s JOB . . . gives him some QUICK NECK . . . and leaves him REFRESHED!!!

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