Bishop Tom Samson speaks on his N80m Hummer Limo, says its a gift

The General Overseer of Christ Royal
Family International Church, Pastor Tom Samson, in a recent interview,
cleared the air on the true worth of the new Hummer Limo he just
acquired, saying he didn’t buy it himself but rather was a gift from a
convert who has benefited from him in the past…

the issue of N80m Hummer limousine it was magnified beyond proportion!
That a limo is worth N80m does not mean it is bought for N80m.
Moreover, it was an individual abroad who saw that I like it and
bankrolled it, not even a dime from me went into the purchase of the
limo, and he did it in appreciation of the role I played in his life.
Every good car that I have driven came from persons whom I have
impacted their lives positively. Not everyone enjoys such favour. I’m a
carrier of anointing for deliverance and breakthrough, if you need
salvation, deliverance and breakthrough, then contact this ministry or
the man of God.” Pastor Samson said

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