IMSU Graduate Dies While Trying To Avoid A Dirty Water Bath (PHOTO)

Tragedy struck yesterday as a fresh graduate of the Imo State University
took his last breath as students poured him water in jubilation of
final year completion.
What seem to be jubilation turned into a
gathering of sorrow when the victim was running away from a number of
students who pursued after him to pour dirty water on him. In that quest
to dodge the water being poured on him, he fell into a soak-away pit
and got drowned.
The dirty water from the pit however is
partially passing a light current as the pit is dug beside their
transformer where earth-wire is buried.
Pouring of water has been banned in schools but some students would not obey this.
students in this light unaccepted celebration of final papers have been
injured, poured acid and some other dangerous liquids while some other
persons have gone to the great beyond via this.
I think every
final year student should learn from this as well as those who dedicate
them to pouring water on university finalists.

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