Joseline Hernandez Reportedly ‘Suspended’ From ‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’


Is Mona Scott Young finally cracking down on the violence that tends to pop off during her ‘Love and Hip Hop’ reunion shows?

After firing Yung Berg for his domestic assault on girlfriend Masika Tucker and firing Benzino and Althea for making threats against Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta
producers, it’s being reported that Mona has SUSPENDED Josline
Hernandez for her outlandish behavior during last season’s reunion.

If you recall, Joseline basically attacked everyone on the stage and had to be dragged off set.

While she didn’t get fired, according to sources Joseline is under a four-episode suspension.

Not only will she sit out filming the
first four episodes but she also won’t be paid for them regardless of
what her contract may have otherwise stated. 
Obviously the producers wanted to
send a clear message that violence is neither supported or tolerated by
them. The thing is, a suspension or arrest warrant isn’t likely to make Hernandez change
her ways. She’s the first to admit that she likes to go after other
women whenever she feels like it so this proverbial slap on the wrist is
unlikely to phase her very much.

Whether you love them or hate them, Joseline & Stevie are a big
part of the show. It would kill ratings if Mona & co. fired Ms.
Hernandez. A ‘suspension’ really is the only feasible option.

The questions is whether or not Joseline is going to let this suspension go down without any pushback.

[via MusicTimes]

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