Mariah Carey Loses Her Shoe, Cries in the Middle of Her Concert and Stops the Show: Watch

Following the leak of the not-so-flattering isolated vocals from her Christmas performance in New York City earlier this month, the singer had another mishap while performing the first show of her six-night All I Want for Christmas Is You: A Night Of Joy and Festivity concert week at the Beacon Theater.
For starters, one of her red stilettos fell off, and even though she picked it up and kept on trucking with the shoe in her hand, tragedy struck (sort of) when she sang “Hero.”
According to E! Online, Mariah started crying and wiping away tears while singing the song. Then, just as she was really getting into it, her mic pack that was connected to her dress fell off.
“Really? I’m sorry. Cut!,” Mariah yelled, stopping the show and bending down to pick it up. “I’m gonna take these out and leave them out!”After someone ran on stage to help put the pack back on, the songstress managed to pull herself together and continue the show, even cracking a joke that sweat was the cause of the malfunction.

“Should I take it from the top?,” Mariah asked the audience with a smile, with concertgoers responding with loud applause.
In spite of some of the craziness that went down during the event, the famed singer not only went on with the show, but she also posted a message to fans on Instagram afterwards.
“#AIWFCIY #MC20 opening night at the Beacon theater. Thank you everyone & Merry Christmas!!! #repost @iamawong,” she captioned the video of herself singing in a sparkly red dress.

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