Photo: Police release identity of man who shot dead two NYC cops yesterday

Left are the two police officers who were shot dead yesterday
December 20th while they sat in the marked police car in New York. They
are recently-married Wenjian Liu (top) and father-of-one Rafael Ramos
(below) , and right is the man who shot them dead. He’s been identified
as 28 year-old Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, from Baltimore.

Ismaaiyl had shot and wounded his girlfriend on Saturday morning
before targeting the cops in an apparent act of revenge for Eric
Garner’s death based on what he wrote on his instagram page (read story here).

Around 2.47pm yesterday afternoon, Ismaaiyl crept up behind a patrol
car in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood and from the
passenger side of the police van, he shot both men in the head execution
style. Eye witnesses said the police officers didn’t get a chance to
draw their own guns and didn’t see their assailant. After the shooting,
Ismaaiyl walked to a subway station and killed himself.

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