The True Story Behind The Woman With Maggots Growing In Her VAGINA [Scary Graphic Image]

The True Story Behind The Woman With Maggots Growing In Her VAGINA [Scary Graphic Image]
A video of a doctor removing huge maggots from a woman’s vagina went viral on the internet yesterday. Word Star report.

Reports revealed that the woman [name withheld] had unprotected sex
and got infected with an STD that resulted in maggots growing in her
private part.

The photo shot came with a campaign stressing the need to use condoms.

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However, a new report have surfaced with claims of what really went wrong.

According to sources by a reader, the woman was actually infected
after child birth resulting from negligence by the doctors at the
hospital she was delivered of her baby.

A source reported that the woman gave birth in a government hospital
in India and unfortunately, the gauze used to stop bleeding after
delivery was forgotten inside her body.

The swab caused an infection in the body of the 22-year-old new mum.
Precisely ten days after giving birth she noticed flesh-eating maggots
crawling down her legs.Her husband quickly rushed her to the hospital.
On arrival at the hospital, she was examined by the doctor who found the
swab inside her body.

The doctor reportedly removed the gauze swab, removed the maggots, and gave the woman other necessary treatment.

Recounting her experience, the woman said: “It was very painful.
Initially, we thought it was normal to feel sore, but when I saw
maggots, we were alarmed and went to the doctor straight away. The
reason we did not file a complaint of medical negligence is because we
are from a different state and I don’t even know any language other than
Oriya. My husband does not have enough time and resources to fight the

According to reports, the lady is well now.

Nevertheless, the need for protected sex cannot be overemphasized. There are killer sexually transmitted diseases out there.

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