I write this because of millions of Nigerians who are below 30 and who constitute a significant chunk of our voting population. This is the ICT generation that is largely ignorant about the events of the Buhari era (1983-85) and so can be misinformed and misled by needless propaganda. I have sat
with many in the under-30 bracket and those slightly above who only have faint recollections of the Buhari era and the level of ignorance about that era is amazing. Before being MILITARY Head of State, Buhari had been Governor of one of the Northern States (under Obasanjo’s Military government) as well as Minister for Petroleum. He later served as Chairman of PTF under Abacha. Please consider the following unassailable facts:

– He birthed and supervised the establishment of our
existing refineries.
– There was no religious crisis while he was Head of State. It
started under his successor IBB!
– In his time as Head of State he reduced inflation from
23% to 4%, by fiscal discipline and a homegrown economic
team (not achieved under any other era, even military).
– JJ Rawlings of Ghana took over 2 years before him, and
killed all the corrupt leaders, while Buhari only sentenced the
corrupt leaders here to prison.
– Under his watch as PTF Chairman, what he did in road
construction in that short period hasn’t been matched by 12
years of the PDP.
– Hospitals and universities around the country never
witnessed as much benefits as they got from the PTF from
any government after or before his time.
– Despite serving in senior capacity in the oil sector, first as
Minister for Petroleum and then Petroleum Trust Fund,
Buhari has no petrol station,much less a rig, refinery or an
oil block like so many of our leaders.
– He could have retired into nauseating opulence like an IBB
or Danjuma or even OBJ but didn’t.
– Instead of hobnobbing with the high and mighty, he has
cast his lot with the ordinary man most of who follow him out
of hope and belief in his values.People who know him have
said of him… “All I need from Buhari is his word, I can take
it to the bank”.
– He is the only politician in the North today who fills rallies
without renting a crowd. The Kaduna rally of 2nd March is
eloquent proof.
– He refused to collect an allowance while serving as
Chairman of the PTF because he said since he was already
drawing a pension from government, his conscience would not
allow him to draw another salary from the purse of the same
– He is the only former head of state that does not own
property or land in Abuja.
– Every attempt to rubbish him through probes in time past
ended up vindicating him! The man who was asked by OBJ to
take over the running of PTF before it was scrapped with
the aim of probing and indicting Buhari, was the one who
ended up being prosecuted
for misappropriating $100m of PTF funds! Buhari again, was
– He has OPENLY challenged those who accuse him of
religious fundamentalism to come out and show proof. No one
has till today, taken up the challenge.His personal driver of
many years is a Christian from Plateau State.
– His government initiated the War Against Indiscipline that
has made environmental cleanliness, queuing up, not urinating
by the roadside etc features of our national life even till
today Does it then surprise you why corrupt people would be
spreading such heinous rumors about Buhari?
He is a threat to them and they know what he is capable of
doing to corruption and corrupt people when he comes into
office! So shine your eyes and make the right decision. If
honesty and probity are the things you want for Nigeria ,now
is the time to choose right. When you cast your vote for the
BUHARI, you would have cast one vote for a honest man.
Now that you know better, will you please educate another

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