Yemi Alade Reiterates How The Johny Video Shot Her to Stardom

Yemi Alade
took to instagram to thank God for his blessings in her life,
reiterating how he used the Johny video to bring her to limelight. The
video has been a huge success so much she competes with likes of Davido
and Psquare on Youtube. Read what she wrote below..

“I have always asked God to bless me in ways that men would see and
say it is the work of our God of miracles!! My desire is for people to
see His blessings in my life and start to give God d glory!!! Today
Johnny video is an example of God’s miraculous blessings. That a smallie
like me would hv YouTube views as many as Davido and Psquare’s!!! I am
thankful and I hope that when God does yours you would laugh when
doubtful thomas’ like this write articles to ridicule God’s blessings.
》》》》 “@NigeriaNewsdesk: PAUSE! Did Yemi Alade buy 10 million views on
Yotube? via @radarngr”


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