You May Have Visited Google Today…But Did You Notice This Message?

Image source: Screen grab
If you visited Google Christmas Day, you probably saw the special doodle they had to mark the holiday.

However, you may have missed a tiny message directly under the search bar.

“Our mission is to make the world’s information accessible—yes, even Seth Rogen movies,” the message read (bold and italics added for emphasis).

Image source: Screen grab

The mention of actor Seth Rogan is in reference to his just released — and controversial — film, “The Interview.”

On Wednesday it was announced that the Internet giant would allow individuals to rent the movie and stream it through either Google Play or YouTube.

Sony Pictures had encountered problems distributing the movie after
the company became the victim of a devastating cyberattack. Hackers, suspected to be taking orders from North Korea, managed to succeed in intimidating major theater chains from playing the movie.

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