10 touching D’Banj things singer D’Banj said about Mo’Hits breakup

With his 10th anniversary celebration at hand, D’banj has revealed his story about the breakup that split Mo’Hits records.

In a new interview on ‘The Truth’, D’banj spoke deeply about his issues with the Don Jazzy, and Dr Sid. The interview ranges from him chasing Kanye West, and his betrayal by the group.

If you can’t go through the interview, Pulse Music has got you covered with the top 10 shocking quotes from D’banj below.

    “It was two different deals. It was always going to be two different deals. Because one is, He (Kanye West) saw an artiste, he wanted to sign an artiste. Then this artiste said, ‘Omo I have a producer, in fact, we have a movement. We have the best thing coming out from Africa, and it was so, and then we flew to New York, from after I met him.”

    “So they were trying to get him (Don Jazzy) to come around, but I understood totally, which is what I said to you. So when he came back home, he had a meeting and that was in July, and he said he doesn’t want us to do Mo’Hits again. That he doesn’t want us to do Mo’Hits again. And I said to him, ‘Please give me 6 months’.”

    “So I told him (Don Jazzy) to give me 6 months, that he should please just…for me I was even trying to sell my shares, to convince him again, to sell my shares to someone else, take the money, go abroad and try. To do anything I could, because I had seen that it wasn’t working, and him and Sid had formed this synergy.”

    “I was heartbroken, I think Kayswitch was with them, it was one voice, and I felt like…what’s happening here? And that’s where I started hearing few things that people just felt that they were not comfortable with me.”

    “Did you ever hear a recording that I did. I think it was in South Africa that Dr Sid spoke and I recorded it. I will give it to you to play, when you hear that recording, you will know why Mo’Hits scattered. That was exactly what Dr Sid said on the tape, he said that his (Dbanj’s) light was too much, he was overshadowing us. That’s exactly what he said. So I will give you the tape, play it, and I think that will end this whole bullshit.”

    “He can’t say it. Wande coal cannot come on the truth and say it. Money matter, he can’t say it. The way we opened every account, the way we enforced…even when we discovered that he had a child, the way we made sure that we prevented him from even squandering his own money.”

    “Of course you will miss somebody. Even if you date somebody one day, two days. Not to talk of kids that I grew up with. I pretty much signed every one of them. Every one that  was signed on Mo’hits, I did.  In Jazzy’s words he always points fingers: ‘Na you dey bring this one come o, if e fumble na you. Even Dr Sid, he over-enforced me about it that why, why, why? But I said listen man, this guy is a talented guy.

    “You see that’s why it was called Mo’Hits. Jazzy fortunately or unfortunately owned the name Mo’Hits. I could show you the contract, I think we had the best contract, anyone could ever get.”

    “Very false, we as a company didn’t even make up to 40% of what the kids were making.”

    “I think now that I look at it, maybe, I think we all changed. I think we all changed because we ran it as  a family. We ran Mohit Records as a family, and that’s why I feel it failed.”

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