Baby No. 2? Kim Kardashian Opens Up About ‘Challenging’ Attempts at a Second Pregnancy


Anyone who has followed “Keeping Up with the Kardashians
knows that Kim has always wanted her happy ending. The perfect man, an
extravagant wedding and a large bundle of joy of her own.

Well, with the arrival of too-cute North West and her recent marriage
to Kanye West, it looks like Kim has already received her happy ending.

Or has she?

Rumor has it that Kim and Kanye want another child, but are
struggling to conceive. Speaking at the E! International Press Junket in
L.A. yesterday, she said,

“It’s been more challenging to get
pregnant the second time around. When you’re not planning it, it happens
[…] and when you want it so bad, it’s not happening.”

The couple is even considering in vitro fertilization to get the ball rolling.

We really hope things work out for the couple, and luckily viewers will see their journey on upcoming episodes of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

So, what do you think, love muffins? Do you want a brother or sister for little North West?

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