Beyoncé & Jay Z Spend a Night Out with Kim Kardashian & Kanye West [Photos]


The Carters & The Wests seem to be getting along just fine, despite media reports.

Kim & Kanye were photographed arriving & leaving a popular
Los Angeles night spot where they apparently met up with Jay Z &


Although the couples were not pictured together, Jay & Bey were seen arriving and later leaving the same night spot.

Of course, Kim and Kanye didn’t mind the paparazzi flashes as they
made their way to their car — but Jay & Bey tried to keep it a
little more low key.

Out of all places in Los Angeles to hang out, it’s no coincidence that they ended up at the same place together.

We wonder what they talked about?

The Carters ended up spending the rest of their evening at the Clippers game — without Kim & Kanye.

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