Buhari Asks’ PDP Money Questions!

What have you done with the funds of the nation?  What
have you done with oil money? Those are part of the questions the All
Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari asked PDP
yesterday while receiving a delegation of members of the Peoples
Democratic Movement at his office in Abuja. Hear him;
“What you have said
summarises the problems of this country. You have looked carefully and
found out that this year, 2015, whichever way politicians and the elite
look at it, is another time or watershed in our political system.
“If we get it wrong this
time, and allow the PDP to go again for the next four years, this
country is going to be in trouble. Right now, with the unfortunate event
of crumbling oil price, the economy is really in a mess. Coupled with
insecurity, it is only a country like Nigeria that can survive and get
out of this situation we are in. A lot of countries will just disappear
either from the map or from the political equation of nation states. But
Nigerians are so resilient to the extent that there are international
personalities who could not understand why Nigeria still exists.

“There was a former UN
Secretary General who said that if he retires, he will go to Nigeria
because, according to him, what is happening to Nigeria, no other
country can go through it and survive.”
Buhari added, “The 16 years
of the PDP has been hell. Remember that we use to have Nigeria Airways,
Nigeria Railways, Nigeria Shipping Line. Try and find out how much we
have spent on power in the last 16 years from the vast resources we
accumulate over that period because the price of oil went up to 142
dollars per barrel.
“What did we do with that
money? We said that we paid debts with billions of Naira. If that amount
was put into infrastructure such as power, roads, railways, farming
etc, the amount of job it will create would be enormous. Today, some of
our youths have become danger to the society because of lack of jobs. I
hope the elite will properly document these 16 years as presenting the
worst leadership this country has ever witnessed.”

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