Emma Nyra, Tiwa Savage, Annie Idibia Make The List Of Celebs Who Should Step Up Their Fashion Game In 2015

Lol, a reporter with stylevitae has listed 8 female
celebrities she thinks are doing well, but thinks they still need to step up
their fashion game this year. She listed Annie Idibia, Tiwa Savage, Lami
Phillips, Emma Nyra and a host of others. Annie won’t like this, Tiwa won’t either,
cus I know these two ladies go out of their way each time to look their best.
But then, what do I know. 
Find the list below.

Lami Phillips
Cellulite is a fact of life and there is no shame in having
it but what’s not so good is drawing attention to it. I’m hoping that Lami
Phillips’ would make more flattering choices but also leave some jewellery at
home next time, she’s not an accessory mannequin.
Tiwa Savage
We get that whatever you wear, your music is still going to
top the charts but in the words of Kathy Griffin, whatever you wear will be
used against you and I’m using all these horrible out fits choices, hair
choices and lip color choices against you Tiwa. I won’t mince words. Fire your
entire glam crew.

Emma Nyra

It may have escaped Emma’s notice but for women with curves
the cut and fit of the dress does wonders. I know you didn’t know this Emma but
now you know. Act accordingly.
Ann Ogunsulire
There’s just a sadness I feel when I see someone dressing
below expectations. Ann Ogunsulire’s red carpet wardrobe choices makes me want
to ask a dozen questions I can’t start typing right now. The bottom line is do
not do this to us again this year. We might never  recover from the hurt.

Seyi Shay

If there’s one thing I love about Seyi Shay, it’s her free
spiritedness but I wouldn’t pretend to be cool with some of her wardrobe
choices last year. I don’t know if it’s the hair you should tackle first, the
footwear second and then of course your stylist. In any case, you need a
serious fashion evaluation.

Annie Idibia
I feel like Annie Idibia is still dressing the body she had
instead of the body she has now. We encourage her to see each change as
milestone in womanhood and dress to flatter the new body.

Mercy Ajisafe
If you don’t have the right clothes for these events, kindly
turn down the invitation next time. You should dress like you might bump into
your worst enemy and they are supposed to hate you even more from envy not
laugh in derision at your outfit.

This year Saeon I confess that I am (as is possibly the rest
of the fashion and entertainment world) tired of seeing your belly button. I
know crop tops were in but the idea was to show a sexy sliver of skin not your
whole tummy. Cover it up. Please!

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