Here Is What Nigerians Had To Say About The Proposed Ban Of Porn Site

Here Is What Nigerians Had To Say About The Proposed Ban Of Porn Site
The Federal Government recently announced that there would be a
ban on Pornography sites in Nigeria. Although when this would be
implemented hasnt been announced, a lot of reactions from Nigerian
including social celeb and the queen of Nudity herself- Maheeda-
sufficed following the news.

Read all below;

Alyssia Maduka

– I’m happy about it. It will free our youth from the harm the continuous viewing of these immoral videos does to the mind.

Funke Adebayo

I don’t think its the right thing to do. People have their
opinion about things. If they choose to then its their choice. Federal
government has no say in this.

Sofia Chinda

-I would exactly say i love porn but i watch it occasionally at
work when im bored in between duties and i wont deny it is quite
interesting and it distracts me for a while from the tedious nature of
my job. Taking that away would require i find something else to dwell
on. Not cool

Uche Ahia

-My girlfriend and i watch porn once in a while to spice up our relationship and sexual life so no the ban isnt such a fun idea.

Samson Onuorah

– The federal government should search under their chairs very well because they have misplaced their priorities.

Sola Taiwo

-In as much as i am not a fan of pornography, what has the ban got to
do with the security of Nigeria. Oh wait, pornsites are just for anyone
interested in watching it. Will my watching of porn attack the military
data base? Please.


Jide Orija

-Please let it be banned. maybe the government’s penis will be calm and they will focus on the people.

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