Here’s Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s View On Muhammadu Buhari

Here’s Lamido Sanusi’s take on Buhari:

“My view is that Nigeria needs people like Muhammadu Buhari in politics
but not to contest elections. Buhari should be in politics to develop
Civil Society and strengthen the conscience of the nation.”
“He should try to develop many Buharis (young people) who will continue
to challenge the elements that have hijacked the nation.”
“Third, I do not think Nigerians today are ready for Buhari. ……”

“……….I am opposed to recycled material. In a nation of 160million
people, we can do better than restrict our leadership to a small group. I
think Buhari, Babangida and yes Obasanjo should simply allow others try
their hand instead of believing they have the monopoly of wisdom.” –
Emir Mohammed Lamido Sanusi

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