Islamic State Publishes Its Sharia Law For ‘Citizens’

Islamic State has published a list of
punishments ranging from 80 lashes for drinking alcohol and losing a
hand for theft, to death for committing blasphemy.
The Sharia code of conduct will be enforced in areas under its control which now covers large swathes of Iraq and Syria, Dailymail reports.
Those who commit adultery will be stoned to
death if the adulterer was married and lashed 100 times and exiled if he
or she was unmarried.
Those engaged in sodomy (homosexuality) will be sentenced to death, along with those who ‘spy for the unbelievers’.
Those who steal ‘as part of banditry’ will have
their right hand and left leg cut off, and the punishment for
terrorising people is exile.
The group have also in the past carried out these laws under the states they have been able to capture. See some photos below.
Shocking: ISIS militants bound and blindfolded
men before throwing them off the top of a 100ft tower block for
‘homosexual crimes’
Back on the ground, men accused of banditry hung
from the crosses in agony as their wrists were tightly bound with
yellow and green ribbon
The final images show a burqa-clad woman being read her charges for adultery before she is stoned to death

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