Keisha Knight Pulliam Breaks Her Silence on Bill Cosby: ‘That Just Wasn’t The Man I Know’

Keshia Knight Pulliam starred as Bill Cosby’s TV daughter, “Rudy Huxtable”, on The Cosby Show.
For the first time, Keshia spoke out to
the Today show about the many rape allegations surrounding her former TV
dad. She appeared on the Today show after getting booted off Celebrity
Apprentice last night.
In regards to Cosby, she insisted the allegations thus far were ‘just that – allegations‘.
‘I wasn’t
there, no one was there except for the two people to know exactly what
happened,’ she said. ‘All I can speak to is the man that I know and I
She noted that Bill Cosby was responsible for ‘groundbreaking’ work on The Cosby Show and had given generously to schools and colleges.
‘It’s very
much been played out in the court of public opinion,’ she added. ‘We’re
still in America where ultimately you’re innocent until proven guilty.
‘I wasn’t there. That just wasn’t the man I know, so I can’t speak to it.’
Keshia also stopped by The Wendy Williams Show where she continued to talk Bill’s legacy:
“None of us were there; there are two
sides to a story, and we are in America, and it is innocent until
proven guilty in a court of law,” she told Williams.

“It’s a horrible situation however
you slice it, but I feel that once the dust settles, then people will
recognize how much he’s given to our society with all of his work,” she
continued. “You can’t take that away.”
“We were the first family that, no
matter what race, religion, what have you, you saw yourself in,” she
said. “We saw how much alike we were than we were diferent. The man I
know and love is who I just described.” 
Ironically, Bill Cosby is the reason
Keshia got kicked off of Celebrity Apprentice last night. Keshia refused
to call Bill and ask for a charitable donation because she hadn’t
spoken to him in a long time and felt it would be ‘kind of tactless’ and
‘very rude’ to call him out of the blue and ask for money.
Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 10.06.45 AM
Donald Trump disagreed and because she was
the project manager responsible for her team not raising enough money,
she got the boot.
The show was filmed last year, way before the recent wave of rape allegations surfaced.

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