New Nigerian author launches debut contemporary crime thriller novel

creative author and copywriter Deji Sowande , will debut his edgy
thriller ‘The Queen’s Fiction’ online and in Nigerian bookstores on Jan
24 2015 as part of LargeHouse 1st published book.

is planning a book signing in February for his launch which will
include the “who is who” of the Nigerian entertainment scene. Deji
Sowande, the author of ‘The Queen’s Fiction’ is also a Music Video / TV
Commercial producer. He is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of
LargeHouse studios, the hub of Nigerian music videos. He lives and
works in Lagos, and he is a big advocate for creativity in Nigeria.

Set in Nigeria and beyond, ‘The Queen’s
Fiction’ is a contemporary story of a young woman that wants it all.
She uses her charm, her body and her brain to make what she can. Her
life looks full of glitz and glamour at first glance but nothing can
prepare for the abrupt conclusion that becomes the end of her life.

She is a young woman that is envied by her peers and sometimes even seen as an inspiration.

She has guts, she has balls. She knows what she wants and makes sure she achieves it at all costs.

fast-paced debut novel has it all and takes readers on an emotional
ride. A charming romance entangled in all the ways to NOT live one’s
her story and discover her experiences with her men, men of the
underworld. Con artists and fraudsters who have made fortunes from
internet scams and bank frauds: the glitz and the ugly that surround

She can’t take it anymore; she decides to make her own.

Twitter: @dqueensfiction

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