Ouch: Usher Shows Off a Gruesome Eye Injury: ‘You Should See The Other Guy’ [Photos]


Usher took to Instagram to show off a pretty nasty eye injury.
According to rumor, the singer got into a fight while defending his fiancée Grace’s honor on New Year’s Eve.

via CocoaFab:

“Usher was in VIP with his
girlfriend, and some drunk White guy was screaming disrespectful things
towards Usher, trying to get his attention. When that didn’t work, he
started saying nasty things about his [fiance Grace]. The guy called her
ugly . . . To Usher’s credit, he didn’t act like a b*tch. He broke
through security and started fighting the guy. Usher f*cked him up. It
was like a four piece – Usher must be a boxer or something because the
punches were very fast. I don’t know how Usher’s eye got like that
because I didn’t see White dude even touch Usher.”

The rumor may be somewhat true, but this doesn’t look like an injury
from a fight. It looks like a blood vessel burst in his eye — which is a
fairly common occurrence that could have been caused by a number of
things. Plus, there’s no visible bruising around the eye socket…which
would most certainly be present had he got hit.

Whatever’s going on, it look gross.


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