Photos: Jonathan’s Massive Transformation in the Critical Sectors

It is obvious that President Goodluck Jonathan is a silent
performer who gets the job done without making too much noise. No
matter what his opponents are telling you, there are incontrovertible
FACTS to show that things have changed for the better in
the critical sectors of our country from Road to Rail
Infrastructure, Agriculture to Health, Trade & Investment to
Aviation, Education to Youth Empowerment, etc.

Anybody who tells you that Jonathan has not done
anything, tell the person that he is a liar. He has done a lot of good
works, especially in the last 4 years, and he is determined to do even
much more.

If you cast your vote for Jonathan (as the PDP presidential candidate) on February 14,
he wont need to spend about two years studying what is on ground; he
has already mastered the systems and no civil servant can deceive him.
Don’t waste your vote on someone who will come in and start learning
what is on ground, vote for Jonathan so that all the good works we will
show you can continue.
Below are some of the great transformations President Jonathan has achieved:
6 Million: The Number of Farmers who now receive Farm Inputs directly
This and other achievements by President Jonathan which has led
to the availability of foods for Nigerians to eat will be covered
extensively in the next Post where we shall focus on Agriculture,
but we want you to have it in mind that there is no longer food
scarcity in Nigeria and more jobs have been created in this
all-important sector due to the intervention of President Jonathan of
15 Years: The Period most of our Rail Lines where Dead until Jonathan intervened
It is only blind man that will deny what President Jonathan of
PDP has achieved in this critical sector. All the way; Lagos-Kano, Port
Harcourt-Enugu, Port Harcourt-Maiduguri, Abuja-Kaduna and
Itakpe-Ajaokuta-Warri, all these Rail Lines that had been moribond for
15 years have either undergone rehabilitation or modernisation. More
routes are undergoing rehabilitation at a fast pace.
In fact, Rehabilitation of the Lagos-Ibadan-Oshogbo-Ilorin-

Minna-Kaduna-Zaria-Kano narrow Gauge Rail Line has been COMPLETED.
Also, container cargo freight services from Apapa Port complex in Lagos
have commenced. Five million passengers now move by Rail yearly in
Nigeria compared to just One million before Jonathan came in and

24 Hours: Round the clock Operations in Nigeria’s Ports
For the first time since 1970, President Jonathan of PDP has
ensured that Nigeria’s Ports operate all day long, non-stop, to ensure
that goods are cleared in record time for the benefit of Nigerians. As a
result, clearing time for trouble-free cargo has drastically REDUCED
from 39 days to just 7 days.
Also, the number of government agencies at the Ports has been cut
down from 13 to just 7, an action that has streamlined bottlenecks and
reduced financial requirements for clearance and decongestion.
First Time Ever: Nigeria now has its own Aviation Master Plan
This is the very first time in the history of this country that
Nigeria has developed its Aviation Master Plan and Road Map, courtesy
of the Transformation Agenda of President Jonathan of PDP. For the
first time also, Five modern international passenger terminals are
being constructed simultaneously in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano
and Enugu.
All the 22 federally-owned airports across the country are being
remodeled, resulting in improved passenger experience and you may wish
to know that there has been a robust revision of the Civil Aviation
National Policy for the first time in over 12 years.
The Jonathan government has installed cutting-edge Navigation
aids and Instruments Landing System (ILS), including runway lights and
total radar coverage (TRACON)) to enhance air safety.
State-of-the-art communications and surveillance infrastructure
and surveillance infrastructure to aid smooth communication between Air
Traffic Controllers and Pilots have also been installed.
Jonathan has ensured that Nigeria now has a fully equipped Accident Investigation and Analysis Laboratory. This is the only one of
such facility in West Africa and one of the only four in Africa.
Security infrastructure are being upgraded at a fast pace to cope with
emerging security challenges.
Courtesy of President Jonathan of the PDP, Six Airports – Lagos,
Jos, Yola, Ilorin, Makurdi, Jalingo – which are strategically located
in proximity to food baskets have been designated as Perishable Cargo
Airports and international standards perishable cargo facilities are
being developed at these airports.
* These and many more facts that we will bring to you in
subsequent posts are the Silent but Remarkable and Commendable
achievements of President Jonathan in Infrastructure and other sectors.
** We will also bring you FACTS on RoadPowerEducationHealthICTCreation of Jobs, etc.
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