Teenager Launches Twitter Campaign To Take Friend’s Hot Mom To Prom

Stifler in the age of social media. It’s a frightening prospect, but
the world may have just gotten a sampling of what that might look like. A
Virginia teen who goes by @AnthonyJPinnisi on Twitter, or “Tone” as he likes to be called, launched a social media campaign this week to take his friend’s attractive mother to prom. The deal? 500,000 retweets would get him a date with the matriarch.
It appears this whole thing started when Tone’s friend Chloe posted a
mother-daughter bikini photo on Wednesday, and it caught his eye.

After that, Tone began texting with Chloe about taking her mom to
prom. So they struck up a deal: If he could get 500,000 RTs, Chloe would
let her mom be his date at the year-end dance. (Wonder what the mom
thinks of all this…) So Tone immediately posted the terms of the
agreement, along with some more photos of his prospective date, on
Twitter and let the viral cycle do its thing.

hot mom prom twitter

His original tweet garnered some 80,000 RT’s in 24 hours. But the
Twitterverse will never know if the crowdsourcing campaign would’ve
worked, because their school caught wind of the story and understandably
shut it down on Thursday.
But the damage is already done. Tone’s out there defending his honor, and Chloe is feeling a type of way:

Turns out she wasn’t actually mad, and there were no hard feelings, as the two friends shared this exchange in the end:


It’s still unclear how the mother who was thrust into this social
media storm feels about this deal, but there’s a decent backup plan
which Chloe retweeted that could satisfy all parties (assuming her mom
agrees to chaperone, of course):

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