This Is Why Britney Spears Might Be The Best Girlfriend Ever

Birthday gifts in a relationship can be tricky. Should you go for the
boxers or the video game? Sometimes it’s just easier to buy a gift
card. But don’t! Britney Spears set a new standard on Tuesday night for ladies looking to present their beau with a birthday treat. Brit got her boyfriend Charlie Ebersol a set of horses!
I have no idea how she managed to wrap horses… perhaps they were just
visiting a stable to ride them? Either way, it’s a sweet gift, no?

And since Charlie upped the cake game for Spears’ 33rd birthday
earlier this month, the singer took up his challenge and went even
further. A war was started, and now it’s over.

Now the bar is set higher for all of us. Especially after Iggy Azalea (a Britney collaborator) gave her boyfriend a car

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