What you need to know about Ogarnization of Islamic Conference – Ugwumba Desire

During Babangida’s Regime, he sold Nigeria to the Organisation of
Islamic Conference (OIC) in other to islamize Nigeria with an agreement
that every year Nigeria will be paying interest to OIC. So from IBB’s
regime Nigeria kept paying until 1999 when Obasanjo, a Christain came
& stopped it for 8yrs of his Tenure. Then in 2007 Yara’dua came in
& paid the outstanding debt of OBJ to OIC, with an interest &
apology, he also paid his own from 2007 – 2010 & died. Goodluck
Jonathan came in and stopped it for 6yrs! Now the OIC constitution says
that any member nation that stops this payment for 10yrs will be
automatically excommunicated! GEJ has ruled Nigeria from May 2010 –
2015. This 2nd Tenure will make it 10yrs so that Nigeria will be
delivered from the Blood sucking Islamic Religion. Thats why APC’s
presidential candidate Buhari has been fighting to rule nigeria from
OBJ’s regime till date.
Remember that Nigeria’s 100yrs anniversary was in 2014. Any religion
that starts to rule from 2015 will take dominion for the next 100yrs.

Note that I am not campaigning for GEJ, but I am just revealing a
secret. If you watch previous voting patterns, you will discover that
Muslims don’t vote for Christians if they have a choice. They are taught
never to vote for infidels but in the media they urge Christians not to
vote by religion.
BokoHaram is masterminded by the OIC to intimidated us to surrender
power to them but by the Grace of God, it will soon be over. Believers
that have lost their lives for Nigeria did not die in vain, we shall
hold the faith of our fathers.
Don’t personalize this secret make sure you send it to all your friends
and everybody around. May God bless you as you will vote for a Christain
President in Nigeria’s 2015 Elections.
Remember “God will judge you for using your 👍 thumb to dig the grave of His ⛪ Church” – CAN.
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