YouTube Star Thrown To The Ground By NYPD While Doing Ellen Degeneres’ #DanceDare [Video]

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Popular YouTube prankster Alexander Bok was assaulted by police while dancing in the street — and it was all captured on video.
Alexander was participating in Ellen Degeneres’ #DanceDare challenge
in NYC on Christmas Eve and things didn’t turn out exactly how he
In the video, he’s seen dancing — nothing too crazy or provocative —
behind a cop. The cop got angry and suddenly other officers began to
surround Alexander and frisk him.
In the clip, you can hear the cop aggressively ask Bok, “Are you f–king kidding me? What’s wrong with you?” Bok replied, “I’m dancing.” The cop asked, “What are you dancing in the street for?
Once they realized they couldn’t arrest him for anything, they choked Alexander and tossed him to the ground.
Alexander Bok released the video exposing the gross abuse of power exhibited by the officers.
Watch what happened below.

There has been no official comment from Ellen or The Ellen DeGeneres Show as of yet.

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