A Teen Reportedly Threw Acid on Her Boyfriend’s Penis: Find Out Why

First things first, it’s probably pretty safe to say these two are not a
couple anymore, so perhaps it would be more appropriate to say it’s her
‘ex-boyfriend’ if we’re talking in the present tense.
Something tells us, however, that you’re less concerned about the
current status of their relationship and more about how, and WHY, the
acid ended up on the penis. Right? All right, then…
Apparently, a 25-year-old man in South Africa secretly filmed himself
having sex with a 17-year-old girl he had been dating since December.
The video somehow ended up online, although he says he still isn’t sure
how that happened. “We agreed to have sex, but she was not aware that I
was filming the sex using my laptop computer. I did not intend to show
anyone the video and I still don’t know how it got onto social media,”
he said, according to 97.3 Citi FM.
Let’s get one thing straight: Even if he didn’t post it online, the mere
act of filming their sexual encounter without her consent is absolutely awful. Unforgivable, if you ask us. But, so is throwing acid on someone’s penis.
As a result of the incident, the man can no longer use his penis and has
to urinate through a tube. Surprisingly, despite his injuries he is not
pressing charges against the girl.
“Even if I press charges it is useless because it won’t bring back my
manhood. Her being in jail will just ruin her future because she is
still young and I do not have the energy to attend courts,” he
Unfortunately – court case or no court case, nobody wins in this one.

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