Behold the Most Expensive University in Nigeria

Blog readers, behold the most expensive University in Nigeria.. It reads:

Please help us stop this exploitation by AFE BABALOLA UNIVERSITY, ADO-EKITI. This is a cry for help. SOS!! 

In view of the current hike in fees which is really
bizarre we as students have expressed our sincere disappointment but
this is not a single battle. Initially, the fees was approximately 1.7 M
but rose overnight to 2.6M.  

Our parents are complaining and we are feeling their pains because they want us to
our dreams. We really need the social media to join us in this battle.
This exploitation must stop. We can’t protest because we will be
expelled. Please hide my e-mail address.‎ Thanks in advance.

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Like seriously, how do these universities suddenly make these
increases?! And it’s not like they also provide some extra luxuries to
these students to justify the increase. My younger sis attended a
private university. With the amount of money my parents paid till she
graduated, I was thinking at least the school gave each of them a self
contained apartment to live in. You can imagine my shock the day I went
to visit her and saw the mess of a hostel they were living in. The one I
had in FUTO was just the same and my parents didn’t even pay half of
her fees for my education.

a reader said

If not for strikes and cultism, do you think anyone will attend private universities?

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