Bizarre: Alfa kills friend, shares body parts

The police in Lagos state have arrested a Muslim cleric named
Fatai Afobaje (pictured far left) for conniving with some of his
friends including a security officer (middle) to kill and share the
body parts of his bosom friend, 40 year old Kwara indigene, Rafiu
Suleiman (pictured right) for money rituals at Oko Agbonla, Magbon in
Badagry area of Lagos state on Friday February 13th.
According to Punch,
Alfa Fatai and Suleiman became friends after they met inside a public
transport where Suleiman paid for the transport fare of Alfa Fatai as a
mark of respect. After that, the two became friends.

“The two men met in a commercial bus.
Suleiman had offered to pay the transport fare of Afobaje after the
conductor was about embarrassing him because he had no change. The Alfa then said he would like to know him better for being so gracious to him (Alfa). So, Suleiman gave the Alfa
his address and asked him to visit. That was how the friendship
started. From what we found out, Suleiman, who worked as a crane
operator, would collect his salary and give half of it to Alfa at the end of the month and that happened for a long time.”a source who knew both men said

Another source narrated how the late Suleiman was invited by Alfa
Rafiu at about 8pm and how he connived with security guards in the area
to kill and share the body part of his friend

“As soon as the victim got to the
street’s gate, the security guards surrounded him and asked who he was
looking for. When he told them, they flogged him with charms and he
died. They then called the Alfa to come and when he arrived,
they shared his body parts. While one collected his head, another
demanded all his intestines, while another asked for his breasts, which
were given out.” the source said

Brother to late Suleiman, Yinusa Wahab,  said his brother’s boss
was the first to notify his wife of his absence from work. The wife
then called him and prevailed on him to go in search of her husband at
the Alfa’s place where they went with policemen on Monday February 16th
and found his mutilated finger inside a pot with few Naira notes and
his headless body in a stream close to his house

“We went to the house, but he was not
around. We searched everywhere and didn’t see my brother. Later, we saw a
mutilated corpse floating on a stream near the house. It was swollen
and there was no head. The breast had been cut off. We went back to the
house and as we looked around, I saw some fingers in a pot which were
still being burnt and when I saw them, I could recognize that they
belonged to my brother.”he said

When interrogated, Alfa confessed to have worked in connivance with
the Chief Security officer of his area named Tanko and 4 others to
commit the crime

“He was on his way to my house when he was
killed. When I got there, he had been killed and then we shared his
body. I urge my accomplices to also confess because the act has been
uncovered and there is nothing we can do about it”. he said

The case has been transferred to the State Department of Criminal
Investigation in Yaba, Lagos where Further investigations into the
matter is ongoing. 

Source: Punch

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