Bruce Jenner may face Manslaughter charges after new video from crash emerges

Bruce Jenner was involved in a multiple accident in LA on Feb. 7th
that claimed the life of 69 year old Kim Howe. Initially he blamed the
crash on another car that hit his but new video that emerged yesterday
showed he was the one who crashed into two cars. The fatal accident was
caught on video by a bus traveling behind the Hummer that was involved
in the accident.
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From TMZ

A MTA bus caught the entire Bruce Jenner
car crash on video and sources tell TMZ it squarely shows Bruce struck
both cars, and the Lexus driver NEVER made contact with the Prius. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … they
are in possession of the video. Sources familiar with the bus in
question — which was directly behind the Hummer — tell TMZ there are
cameras mounted on the front, back and sides, and the videos show the
entire accident. 

Law enforcement will not tell us what’s on the video, but sources familiar with the video in question tell us it’s clear the Lexus never made contact
with the Prius. Bruce hit the Lexus, which propelled it into oncoming
traffic and then struck the Hummer. Bruce then continued on and hit the

We obtained a re-creation of the accident, which was NOT
based on the video but which sources tell us accurately reflects what
is on the MTA video. The re-creation, however, does not show the
braking of Bruce’s or the other vehicles, which could be a factor. 

The MTA video is critical … because Bruce —
and not the Lexus driver who died — hit the Prius, it makes a more
compelling case that he was following too close, which opens the door
to a possible vehicular manslaughter prosecution.

Watch the accident reconstruction and animation here

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