Bye Felicia! Iggy Azalea Announces She’s Taking a Break from Social Media, Says The Internet is ‘The Ugliest Reflection of Mankind’

iggy bye

Could the days of Iggy Azalea’s Twitter drama be over?

It’s possible.

The rapper took to Twitter to announce she’s taking a break from
social media. The announcement comes after unflattering photos of her
enjoying her vacation hit the Internet — and were criticized.

In case you were wondering, this is the photo that caused the stir:

rs_634x1024-150217074908-634.Iggy-Azalea-Bikini-JR-21715 She continued:

Well damn, tell us how you really feel!

We think that a break from social media might be the best thing for Iggy right now — especially after she embarassed herself by getting into a public spat with Papa Johns.

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