China has done it again: Iphone 6 with Nokia battery? OAU student shares photos

Is this possible? A reader claims she just saw an iPhone6 with Nokia battery. Her story below…

Hi, I’m a student of OAU. My roommate and I just
got the shock of our lives with the newly purchased iphone 6 that uses a
Nokia battery. Except for the Apple logo and Iphone 6 boldly written
at the back,  the phone is just exactly like a cheap techno phone.
The camera quality is not only
pathetic, the touch pad is terrible with its sinking effect. For the
screen, its just a write-off. This is saddening for my room mate who not
only saved up, but sold her former phone to order for the phone online
and get it delivered at over 100k. LIB readers, pls advice us on the
next step of action before my roommate gets a heart attack.”

 More photos…

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