Couple Married for 70 years Without One Argument Reveal Secret to Lasting Relationship

After tying the knot 74 years ago, this couple claim they haven’t had an argument throughout their entire marriage

One of Britain’s longest married couples have been wed for over seven decades – without ever having a row.

Ernie and Renie Hills, from Devon, have survived a World War, a bout
of tropical thrombosis and even a stint in an iron lung during their
incredible 74 years of marriage.

Ernie, 97, an ex toolmaker and
serviceman-come-milkman, and Renie 93, who worked in London’s factories
during the Second World War, first met when she was pushing a bike near
her home and a voice shouted over.

“Oi, would you like to hold me up like that?”

Since then, the pair have been inseparable.

“That was it, we were together after that,” explained Ernie. “And you know what? We’ve never argued since that day.”

The couple believe the key to a long marriage was a clear understanding of each other and their needs.

And their advice for younger couples?

“Stick it out, listen to one another. He’s mine and I’m his, and that’s how we look [at it]. We talk things over.”

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