Do you know that davido’s sky diving in ‘The Sound Ft Uhuru’ was a fat lie? See proof (Photos)

Before I start, If you havnt watched the video, download it HERE and watch with keen attention.
You and I know quiet well that Davido was born with a silver spoon and that he could afford whatever he wanted, but lying to his fans just to maintain that ego is just out of it.
The snapshots you are about to see was taken from Davido’s latest hit ‘The Sound Ft Uhuru and Dj Buckz’.
Amongst the expensive stunts he played on the video was jumping out of a moving Lamborghini and sky diving.
He got the first one correct but the second one….NO! He lied to us all.
If you take a closer look at when he was about to jump off, his helmet is has a transparent glass and he had no hand gloves on, but on air, you can see his helmet is entirely black and he had hand gloves.
This video was shoot in Dubai by Sesan and I will say am disappointed in him for conducting such a trick.
When a car ran into a wall and left just a circular hole in Phyno’s Yayo video, he came some days after and showed us behind the scenes and believe me, it was very real.
Cars and properties can be borrowed or hired just to make a video look great but not when you crop someone else work into yours.
This whole gist just boils down that Sesan had to crop someone else’s sky diving video into Davido’s video.
I was fooled not until I took a closer look at this video. 
Take a look at the detailed screenshoots below

 Davido just before diving. The helmet has a glass face, also check the logo on the helmet.

 A closer look at the helmet and his hands

Now see Davido in air…helmet, entirely black, with hand glooves.
Did the hand gloves appear in air??

 A closer look at his helmet and his hands…helmet with a different logo from the one he claims to jump off with, hand gloves on.

 Front view of the helmet

 Davido, allegedly landing…still with gloves and black helmet

 Closer look on landing…transparent helmet

 How the hell on earth did the helmet change?

 A more closer look at Davido on landing…no gloves on, back to the helmet he jumped off with.

 One of the stunts he played…jumping off a moving Lamborghini..thumbs up

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