Drake & Meek Mill Make Fun Of Kevin Hart On Instagram, Hart Responds

Kevin Hart declared war with Drake and Meek Mill after the rappers playfully clowned on his leather outfit last night, and the comedian has already started exacting his revenge.

Hart took to his Instagram and posted a photo of Drake smoking hookah in a bathtub from the print version of the rapper’s Rolling Stone story.
While Drizzy has traditionally gone with captions while roasting Hart,
the comedian unloads a full tirade, in true stand-up style. Hart begins,
“Jesus Christ…..where in the hell do I start????” before making some
apt comparisons, “This looks like a ‘Sex Hotline’ add….I bet the
bubbles were your idea. This looks like a Lionel Ritchie album cover.”

Then, the comedian uses some of Drake’s own songs for his mockery,
“This is truly your ‘WORST BEHAVIOR’ you just went 0 to 100 real quick
with this dumbass picture….” And while the 6 God ridiculed Hart’s
sartorial choices, the comedian hits on Drake’s facial hair, saying, “u
look like a light skin Gerald Levert with that dumbass beard!!!! I hate
it….I demand that you lose that beard ASAP.”

Hart also responded to Meek and comedian Robert Powell, who also dissed the leather outfit last night, on Instagram. Hart uses an old photo of the rapper
and posts it with the caption “I’m about to expose my good friend [Meek
Mill] ….nobody knows this but he’s had plastic surgery done to his
face. This can’t be the same guy….His face looks like a chopped &
screwed mixtape…..this mans front teeth look like a pair of white
Jordan 11’s”

While Hart wrote of his fellow comedian,
“This looks like a Ad for one of those cheap commercials where the guy
is telling you to buy a TV because his prices are CRAZY….u look like a
Bass Fish that somebody caught in a competition.”

The friendly feuding has been ongoing all day as Meek Mill has posted
some incriminating photos from Hart’s childhood on his Instagram. He’s
asked fans to write hilarious captions, and posted some of his own, like
“#ulooklikeyouabouttoshitonyaself” and “#thatsleevelessleathershirt
still corny as shit.”

You can view the posts below, and keep it locked right here as more responses roll in.

Image via Kevin Hart on Instagram

Image via Kevin Hart on Instagram

Image via Kevin Hart on Instagram

Image via Meek Mill on Instagram

Image via Meek Mill on Instagram

[via Kevin Hart and Meek Mill on Instagram]

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