Had I Known Muna Obiekwe Was ill, I Would Die to Save Him – Ibinabo Fiberesima


Actors Guild of Nigeria president, Ibinabo Fiberesima has slammed those
who say the guild abandoned late actor,Muna Obiekwe ..Speaking during
his candlelight service in Lagos she said

“Think first before you write. The man was married, he had a wife and children.
When you go about writing rubbish about the dead, it will haunt you. If
you don’t know the truth about something, don’t spread it. It’s even
worse if you are an AGN member. Everyone is sad because of his death. If
I had known, being the kind of person I am, I would die to save Muna. I
didn’t know, most of us never knew and Muna begged the few people who
knew not to tell anyone. He had his reasons and let us respect it. Let’s
stop writing rubbish . He drank alcohol, does that make you better than
him? Let us respect Muna, he’s no longer with us. Mind your business..

“All those throwing daggers at AGN, dumping Muna and not taking care of him. How many of you are registered and validated
AGN members. But when something goes wrong, you’ll remember AGN. This
AGN is a guild, not a hospital. We are worried about your welfare, but
if you’re not registered with us, we cannot help you. We have helped
people we don’t even know because they came to us. If you need help, let
us know” 

“There’s also a publication going round about another ailing actor, Prince
James Uche. My heart is broken because we have gone the length to help
him, so I’m shocked to hear that we have abandoned yet another actor. We
don’t abandon actors. We have paid his rent for three years now, we
have paid his hospital bills and put him on a health plan. We have taken
him to the best hospitals for medical tests.
I’m really shocked at the stories fllying around. If you don’t know the
truth about something, you ask. I know the kind of heart God has given
me and I have God’s grace upon me. So no matter what you do to destroy
me, I can’t be destroyed. I love Muna and if I could help him, I would
if I had known about his ailment. But God knows why this has happened”

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