I have fulfilled my promise on power sector – Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan on Friday said he had lived up to his campaign pledge to Nigerians that he would make the power sector a priority for his administration.
Jonathan spoke during the inauguration of the Olorunsogo II Power Station in Ogun State.
The power plant is a 750MW Nigerian Integrated Power Project.
“I have lived up to my campaign pledge to make the power sector a priority,”Jonathan told the gathering that included members of the Federal Executive Council, Peoples Democratic Party chiefs from Ogun State and leading traditional rulers.
Jonathan said although it was capital intensive to make a difference in the power sector, his administration had been tackling it headlong.
He said the short interface between public ownership of power sector to private sector would soon be over.

With that session over, the President said Nigerians would begin to take power for granted in the next two years.
He said, “The interface between 100 per cent ownership of the power sector by government and 100 percent ownership by private sector will soon be over.
“In the next two years, Nigerians can take power sector for granted like it is obtainable in other countries.”
He said he was confident that Nigeria is moving in the right direction under his watch.
He described the power plant as the second largest NIPP power station in the country.
The President urged Nigerians to support the Federal Government in its desire to improve electricity.

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