I’ve been Broke, Lied to, Cheated On, Hungry & Full – Alex Ekubo to Haters

Nollywood actor Alex Ekubo
posted the picture above on Instagram and left a caption for his haters.
He said their opinions don’t offend him.
The caption goes thus:

“The Difference between you & I, is that I’m built for This!! I’ve
dealt with my demons. I’ve been Broke, Paid, Lied to, Taken Advantage
of, Cheated On, Hungry & Full. My Name has been dragged through the
mud more than once & every time i pick it up and wash it Off !! I’ve
come a Long way & still have a Long way to go. Want you to know
that your opinion don’t Offend Me… #StillSMILING #StillSTANDING
#StilliRISE ������”

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