Jimi Agbaje Exposes His Inexperience On Channels Tv Interview

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP)
gubernatorial candidate in Lagos, Mr Jimi Agbaje displayed his poor
understanding of governance, inexperience and lack of ideas to improve
the lot of Lagosians at an interview on Channels Television. At best,
Agbaje succeeded in convincing viewers that he actually does not have a
plan to solve the problems he says Lagosians are faced with. He was at
his evasive best during an interview session on a Channels TV programme,
Straight Talk With Kadaria.
The interview seemingly went on well until Mr.
Agbaje was asked to clear the air as regards the irregularities and
rigging issues that surrounded his emergence from the PDP primary
elections. After all attempts to evade the question Agbaje ended up with
an unconvincing retort. He fumbled further by giving bland answers when
questioned about his plans and programmes for Lagos state, answers that
were far short of bold.

The PDP guber candidate infuriated a majority of
the viewers by defending the incumbent government at the centre based
merely on ethnic sentiments, saying that the South-south deserves
another 4 years of rule insinuating that people of the area do not shut
down the economy if Jonathan does not win. He  unable to mention an
achievement of the present administration and  goofed further by when
trying give excuses in support of the PDP as regards the Boko haram
The aspect that would be most worrisome to
Lagosians was his inability to profer articulate programmes and plans
for Lagos. For someone who claims to have bold idess he came across as
lame and lacking in ideas and experience. He kept on evading direct
questions and rather than sell his own ideas ended up promoting the work
of the incumbent APC government.
The interview laid credence to the APC’s call
for voters to vote for experience. Agbaje showed that he did not have a
grasp of how government works.
The social media immediately went agog with
reactions to the interview. Most people expressed disappointment and
disaffection at the discordant and inexperience-laden responses given by
Agbaje. One of such comments on a popular blog stated that, “I watched
Jimi Agbaje interview on channels tv tonight and I was baffled by some
of his words. He said and I quote “For the unity of nigerians the
south-south (Jonathan area) should have 4 more years”. So it is not
about competence again? He also said as a politician his job is to tell
people to vote and not refrain from crisis. This Agbaje is one useless
man who can not be allowed to govern Lagos state. Let us vote wisely.”
Instead of informing Lagosians about his reasons
for running as a governor, he was busy making threat-like statements
possible of inciting violence among the unsuspecting electorates.
Mr.Agbaje, actually tried his eloquent best to
enumerate his plans for the state at different points during the
interview, but the fact that they lacked convincing content further
confirmed the truth that governance is not just about elementary
eloquence, but about experience, tested expertise and convincing

The APC governorship aspirant, Akinwunmi
Ambode was right when he called him an intern in the last debate hosted
by Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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