Kanye West & Kim K Break the Law in Arizona

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are officially outlaws! The celebrity couple might have broken the law in Arizona over the weekend, NY Daily News reports. Prior to Yeezy’s surprise appearance during Rihanna’s set at the DirecTV Super Saturday Night concert in Glendale, Arizona, the self-procaimed God and his wife were escorted by a small squadron of security officials. Each of the guards was riding a motorcycle with lights flashing, but the thing is, Arizona law prohibits nonemergency vehicles from “displaying a red or red and blue lights” on highways. Phoenix Police Department spokesman Trent Crump explained Phoenix police officers were not involved.

That was not done by us, but they could hire private security or off-duty officers,” said Crump. 

Crumps also explained that off-duty police officers could use flashing lights “depending on department policy.” However, he did not elaborate on what those policies might be. Breaking the Internet and then breaking the law? You are such a rebel, Kimmy, lol!

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