Kendall Jenner’s Bare-Boob Photo Shoot: The Real Story Behind Her Giant Prosthetic Breasts!

Kendall Jenner

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We’ve got the real story behind Kendall’s Jenner‘s growing boobs!
The 19-year-old model turned heads recently when she posed topless for Love magazine with surprisingly large breasts. The shocking cleavage pics had some people wondering if the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star had surgically enhanced her breasts or been the victim of boob-centric Photoshop.
As it turns out, Kendall’s big boobs were actually…prosthetic breasts!
London fashion stylist and the man behind the shoot Panos Yiapanis recently chatted with give spill on the details on the racy Steven Klein spread.

“It was kind of something that I’d wanted to do for a while. I’d
done a shoot in the past with fat suits, and it led me to this,
especially lately with this obsession with a new body shape,” Yiapanis
said. “I kind of wanted to question how valid that is for designers,
whether it’s just a stunt or if it’s a true shift. We’re so accustomed
to the shape that’s been on the runway for the past 20 years that I
don’t know how honest this new, more curvaceous figure is as an
intention. It seems a bit like a publicity stunt. So I wanted to overdo
it, and when Katie [Grand] told me that she was going to shoot Kim [Kardashian West],
I thought this was the perfect chance to do this idea that I’d been
wanting to do. A lot of designers seem to be courting people like Kim,
but at the same time the clothes that they make still don’t really fit
that body, unless they’re custom-made. There’s a slight insincerity to

Yiapanis said when Kendall and the other models putt on the
oversized silicone boobs and butts, their posing completely changed.
“As soon as the breasts and bum came on, it was a different woman, and I
think they kind of enjoyed that feeling of having that silhouette for a
As for fan reactions to the shoot, Yiapanis dished,
“Yeah, it was fun to see how people initially thought it was nudity,
then it was Photoshop. It didn’t cross anyone’s minds that these were
prosthetics. I don’t know how anyone could Photoshop something into
those proportions.”

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