Kim Kardashian Pays an Assistant $100,000 a Year to Photoshop Her Pictures?!

Kim Kardashian West, Instagram

All right, people: Let’s get real here.
A report has surfaced claiming Kim Kardashian hired a Photoshop pro as an assistant to work some magic on her pictures before she uploads them for the world to see.
Not only that, but the story also claims that Kim pays this editing wizard a whopping $100,000 a year to do the job! Yeesh.
So is it true?! Nah, son. Although it’s no secret that her photos are flawless, and realistically she probably does have that much money to spare, Kim’s rep tells E! News that the report is “absolutely false.”

We’re just going to credit those immaculate snapshots to good
lighting, great angles, helpful filters and, well, her just being
Kim isn’t the only celeb to be targeted for Photoshopping her social media pics. Her gal-pal Beyoncé has constantly been under the microscope when it comes to whether or not she’s gone the extra mile in editing her photos before sharing them on the web.
Regardless of whether there’s been a special touch added to their pictures, one thing is very true—both Kim and Bey always kill it on the red carpet and those pictures are all real, folks.

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