Mario Balotelli, Wyclef Jean, Yvonne Nelson Others React to Ghana’s Defeat

Ghana lost at the Estadio De Bata yesternight against Ivory Coast and
fans of the Red, Gold, Green and Black Star poured out some of their
sorrow on social media.

These are a few from some celebrities home and abroad.

“I can’t wait to see some of the funny images, comments that will be
going round on social media. *hint*hint* hehehehe I think we did well. –

Wow congrats to @YayaToure& #leselephantsdeserve champions, #BlackStarshold your head high #AFCON2015#Clefication@wyclef

Kudos #BlackStars. Gallant performance despite our loss. You exceeded our expectations, going from zero to heroes. I am proud of you. – @JDMahama

We had it all Chaley #aaaaba – @KWAWKESE

not again. heartbreak. the pain. mehnnnnnn, my whole life. no trophy.
Dede I feel your pain chale. We are Dede. This is heart wrenching. #icant. at all. nah mehn. – @manifestive

A week full of heartbreaks. Damn! This game! GH – @yvonnenelsongh

Proud of my original country.. Unlucky but you guys gave everything and
deserve a win. But football sometimes is a b**** ! Head up. All your
people are proud of you. – @finallyMario

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