Photos: Pope Francis Make Suprise Visit to Ghetto

Pope Francis made a surprise visit to a shantytown on Rome’s
outskirts on Sunday, stunning poor residents, many of them from his
native South America.
pope was on his way to a visit to a parish in the working class
Tiburtina area when he asked aides to make a detour to stop at the
shantytown he had heard about.
“He got out of the car and people
were shocked when they saw him in front of their shacks,” said Father
Aristide Sana, the pastor of the parish.They rushed out of their shacks
made of concrete, wood and corrugated metal. the Holy father ordered
security to allow the people come to him. he even hugged a child with
Down syndrome and offered scholarship for all the slum kids.
“How many of you here speak Spanish?” the pope joked in Spanish.
“Todos! Todos!” (everybody, everybody),” they shouted.
The almighty God loves his children rich and poor alike and that is why i have come to spend some time with you the pope said.

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