The difference between APC and PDP – Governor Fashola

Speaking during an APC meeting with organized private sector at
Marina, Lagos today February 2nd, Lagos state governor, Babatunde
Fashola, told his audience the difference between APC & PDP

“The manifesto of the APC is designed to
address 2015 problems going on to 2019 while PDP has is a 1999 manifesto
and that probably explains the disconnect between our realities and the
realities that you hear. The transformation that has been put forth has
headed south not west. The Naira has weakened, interest rates has come
up and it is for us to chose whether we want four more years of that and
the Naira is essential in a free fall in an economy that is currently
import denominated and it would only mean that the purchasing power of
our disposable income would continue to reduce.” he said
necessity of now is to halt that free fall. That is something we cannot
vote continuity on. I will not. But more importantly as the candidate,
Gen Buhari, has said, it is essentially not how much really Nigeria
earns, it is what value we get out of that money. If we had sold crude
oil, our major income earner for like almost 5-6 years at over a $100
per barrel and all of us are saying there is pain, do we want to
continue now when there is reduced income with the same team on the same
management capacity. If they couldn’t do topnotch at $100 per barrel,
can we trust them to do more with less?”

 he added.

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