Graphic pics: Gang break into prison, kidnap man accused of rape, strip him naked & beat him to death

An angry mob yesterday March 5th broke into a prison in Dimapur city in India, overpowered security there, grabbed a man accused of raping a student multiple times in February, stripped him naked and dragged him four miles before beating him to death in front of a large, jeering crowd.
Students and others had actually gathered in Dimapur for a rally against rape, when they decided they’d had enough and went to the jail to find the rapist. The crowd tore down 2 gates before dragging him to the town’s clock tower to exact street justice
According to the Indian Express, the man, identified as a 35-year-old used car trader, raped a student on February 24th and was arrested the next day. He was in jail awaiting trial when the mob attacked the prison. They pelted him with stones and beat him with sticks until he died.
There’s a rising anger over the high rate of sexual violence in the country and people are tired of waiting on the government to give them justice.
See the graphic photos..

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