It shall be well, it shall be well, is it until you die? Fr Mbaka fights back against Patience and Goodluck Jonathan

Just below is another video of controversial Catholic priest, Fr.
Mbaka of the Adoration Ministry Enugu, expressing his thoughts on the
state of the nation. In the video, Fr Mbaka denied ever meeting Buhari
and also asked all those who are angry with him to please forward their
account details so he can return whatever money they had given to him.Getting serious.
The Rev. Father said “They keep saying, it shall be shall
be well….When? Is it until you die?” He says nobody should mark
any government as a good government because they created roads. He said
it’s like him being a pastor and giving out holy communion and people
praising him for it. He said it’s not an achievement, he’s just the
doing the job he was called to do just like the government.
Watch video…

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