Jay Z May Face Defeat in Music Streaming Company Deal, Shareholders Prepare to Reject His Bid


Remember a few weeks ago when we reported that Jay Z is planning to drop $56 million on Aspiro AB, a Swedish music streaming company that rivals Spotify?

Well…that might not be happening.

Swedish financial paper Dagens Industri reports
that the minority shareholders of Aspiro AB are preparing to reject his
offer. The minority shareholders control 10 percent of the company.

Aspiro AB’s minority shareholders
association recommended the bid be rejected on grounds that Project
Panther Bidco hasn’t made clear its plans for international expansion,
nor the calculations that went into the initial $56 million bid. (The
initial bid was, according to the initial announcement, based on a 56.9 premium over the company’s stock price the day previous to the announcement.)

Majority shareholders, a group mostly
comprised of senior executives in the company, unanimously accepted the
bid when it was first announced, and recommended shareholders do the
The next step for Project Panther Bidco and Aspiro’s minority shareholders are negotiations, which will be led by Sune Karlsson, chairman of the minority shareholder association. All parties have until March 11 to accept or reject the offer.

If it doesn’t go through, we’re sure there are other music companies Jay Z can drop his millions on. It’s only a matter of time.

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