15-Year-Old Gets Extreme Plastic Surgery to Win Back Ex-Boyfriend

A teenager in China, named Lee Hee Danae, is grabbing headlines – and
followers – for the extreme plastic surgery she’s undergone to look like
a living doll.
Images of the 15-year-old have circulated on Chinese social media
platform Weibo, showing she’s had major surgery to alter her eyes, chin
and jaw. According to Chinese website cbg.cn, she reportedly has had the procedures to win back her ex-boyfriend,
As a result, she’s gained 400,000 followers, with some calling her “too
beautiful too look at.” Of course, many wonder if there isn’t some
Photoshop at work here. Are the pics fake or real? And isn’t 15 years
kind of young for plastic surgery?
Here’s a “before” pic:

teen gets plastic surgery to get boyfriend back before

15 year old plastic surgery followers


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